New Mexico MMA Welcomes Serial Boxe Fighter
"Dynamite"  Diana Rael.

by George Martinez

Hello Diana, How are you doing today?
I am great, thanks for asking!

 What is your fight Back Ground? Where do you train?
Muay Thai is my fight back ground, under Ben Schissler. I train with my team the Serial

Your next fight is Jan 21 against Michelle Waterson. What do you know about her?
I know she is a really well rounded girl; it should be a great fight.

Your last fight was a great battle, what did you learn from that fight?
I learned many things, but the most important lesson was that I can climb any mountain
if I work hard at it. And anyone can be beat at any point and time.

 How is your training going?
Training is perfect, I couldn’t ask for more, by fight day I will have had a nine week camp.
I feel strong mentally and physically.

 What is a normal training day for you?
SSSSSSHHHHHHH! It’s a secret; I can tell you this I put my time in, especially now that I
have the opportunity to train full time.

Do you get nervous before a fight?
I really try and have fun with the game, if I was terrified every time I got in the cage I don’t
think I would enjoy MMA very  much. I have confidence with my training and ability (that
always helps). It is a great feeling to test my might against other people. Throughout my
ammy and professional career I have learned to take those nerves and turn them into a
positive energy.  

What do you do on fight day?
I relax, visualize my battle, and embrace.

What are your future fight plans?
As for my future the sky’s the limit! I take things one day at a time; I have aspirations of
fighting for Jewel, and continuing to climb the straw weight ladder.

What would you like to say to all of your fans?
THANK YOU with all my heart! I really appreciate my fans and supporters, without you I
would not be where I am. Your support and encouragement is my drive, again thank you.

Thanks Diana, for taking the time out to talk with us. Take care and good luck.

Revolution Chiropractic thanks for keeping my body in fight shape,
Performance thanks for keeping me in gear for training,
Smokey Banana Tattoo’s thanks for the ink,
Archangel Fight Wear thanks for designing my fight shorts,
Advantage Martial Arts thanks Mr.P,  
IGo Hard,
Pruett Construction,,
and Typhoon Kennel