Chris Brennan was able to take time out of his busy schedule and talk with us. Chris is
getting ready to fight in BUSHIDO SURVIVAL 2006 2ND ROUND. He will be facing
Tatsuya Kawajiri. It will be showing free of charge on FSN (check your local listings).
Make sure everyone watches "Bloodshot" Brennan Bring home the Big Win.

NMMMA- Hello Chris, How have you been?

CB- I've been pretty good thank you.

NMMMA- So how are you recovering from your fight with the Brown Recluse spider?

CB- I am recovering fine.  Problem is I fight one of the best fighters in the world in 2 days and I have
trained 3 times for it.

NMMMA- How was the big move from Cali to Texas?

CB- The move was great.  My family and I love our new house and neighborhood.  Very happy to be there.

NMMMA- I see that you have some Seminars & Private lessons going on in Texas. How are they going?

CB-They are going great. I was going to open a new school when I got there but I have been so busy with
Privates, seminars, and fighting that I am not in a hurry now and it probably won't be till next year some

NMMMA- When is the new gym opening again?

CB- Again probably not till next year sometime when I slow down a bit.  I don't want to open a new school in
a new area and then be gone from it all the time doing seminars and training for fights.  Once I slow a bit I
will get it open and build it to be one of the top schools in Texas and I am very excited about it.

NMMMA- So when is your next big fight?  

CB- Saturday night in Pride Bushido against Kawajiri.

NMMMA- Out of all of your fights, who was your toughest opponent?  

CB- Well I used to say Miletich but Gomi was another that was very tough and he got out of some good
submissions from me.

NMMMA- If you could fight anybody, who would you fight next and why?  

CB- Gomi again because I lost a very close decision in our first fight and I think I have the style to beat him.
 Plus he is the top guy in the world right now at 161

NMMMA- How would you beat him?  

CB- Submission.

NMMMA- Ring or Cage? Why?  

CB- Ring.  Takes more skill to get the take down and when you are on bottom you can't get stacked
against it like you can a cage.

NMMMA- How's your company NOGI doing?  

CB- Awesome!  Better than I could have expected.  We are selling world wide and we have a few
distributors outside the US as well.  We are trying to get picked up by a few fairly big stores right now.

NMMMA- About 2 years ago, I contact you about going to Cali to train with you. You were so cool about the
whole thing. You even offered me a place to stay. That was the coolest thing anyone that I didn't even
know has done for me. I never got to go, but I will never forget that. OK, Now to the question. Most
celebrities are cocky and arrogant. What makes you so cool and treat people with so much respect?  

CB- Well a few things I guess.  #1 I think the cocky fighters look more like a jackass when they lose and in
this sport everyone loses some time.  I think this is a great sport and you should respect anyone else
involved in it.  I speak my mind for the most part but I don't trash talk someone unless provoked.  I was
raised to be a good person as far as respect and manners go.  Not always perfect but I'm working on it.  
By the way I have extra room in my new house in Texas if you want to come stay there and train :)

NMMMA- You can count on that. I will definitely go down there and train when you get your gym open. To
finish this interview, would you like to send a message to all of the Chris Brennan fans?  

CB- I just want to say thank you for being such great fans.  I think it is so great that we even have fans.  I
think that's one of the best parts of this sport.  Feels great when I am with my wife and kids and someone
askes me for my autograph when we are just walking through the store or something.  The fans in this
sport are great and I have many loyal ones.  Thanks to all of you...

NMMMA- Thanks Chris for talking with us. Good luck to you and your Family. I will definitely get to your new
gym to train soon. Can't wait. Thank you Sir. Good luck in your fight, I will be behind you 100%. Thanks
again man for the interview.

CB- Thank you.

You can get more information about Chris @ and Please Check out his fight gear