James "The Educator" Fanshier

Hello we are with the Gladiator Challenge Welterweight Champion James " the
Educator" Fanshier.

Hello James, How are you doing?
Doing well,  Very busy feeling, strong and healthy.  I have a fight coming up this weekend.  Last
weekend I challenged Aaron Witherspoon for the KOTC title I once had.  He accepted, and challenged
me for my Gladiator Challenge belt.  We will be fighting in June.  Not to look past Metcalf however.

Your next fight is on December 16th, How do you see the fight going?
Jeremiah Metcalf is very tough.  Don’t let his 2-2 record fool you. He was a state qualifier for wrestling
and he won the North American Muay Thai championship as a amateur.  He went the distance with
Witherspoon in a great fight in June.  I see it being a great MMA fight.

Do you get nervous before a fight?
Of course.  I try to convince myself that I am excited and not nervous, but it doesn't always work.  My
team mates say I fight better scared.  I think they are joking.

What is your Pro Record?
14-6 and 11-1 as a welter weight.

You are the current GC Welterweight Champion, Is there any pressure knowing that everyone is
gunning for your title?
I would say there is  a little pressure sure.  However since I have signed with KOTC / GC.  The pressure
has lessened.  I know that I will get more fights with them weather I have the title or not.

When are going to fight Eric Apple?
Eric and I have no plans to fight.

How do you see the fight with Apple going?
He is a gamer so I know it would be fun.

Who has been your hardest fight to date?
My second fight, against Gary Grate.  I knew very little Jujitsu and my head was in a weird space.  His
wrestling was good and I did not have a very good game plan.  Any time I got any momentum going the
fight turned in his favor.  I had knocked him down with a right hand; I went in for the G & P and he put
me in a Triangle. - The bell rang.  In the Second round I took him down and was attacking him from
standing.  He pulled me toward him with his feet and I tried to stomp on his chest and stomped on his
neck.  They deducted a point.  Then in the last seconds he got a Take down and 5 or so seconds of G &
P and the bell rang.  It was very frustrating.

Other frustrations was getting choked by Villasenor after winning the 1st round.  Having Chris Leben
push me into the fence for 15 minutes and  the quick stoppage vs Thomas Denny.  What am I saying?  All
my losses were tough.

I would say my hardest win was against Amad Hempsted.  It was a 15 minute war.

Would you like to fight him again?
No I am not a big fan of rematches.  However I would like to get the rubber match against Thomas Denny
at some point.

How would you beat him?
Fight my game and stick to the game plan.  I am becoming a well rounded fighter. I see my self getting
more submissions in the future.  I see 3 or 5 hard fought rounds or a KO.

Have you fought mma in a ring? If you have, Ring or Cage and Why?
No,  However I have had SanShou and Mauy Thai bouts in the ring.  I would fight in a ring no problem.  
My MMA bought have been for KOTC or GC and they use a cage.  

Take me though a regular training day for you?
There are very few “regular” days.  However I typical day would be:
7:30 am Cardio swim or run.
8:55 - 3:30 teach 5 periods of PE.  If I am cutting weight I run at lunch.  
3:45 to 6:00 Coach Middle School wrestling.  
6:45 Fight camp:  Depending on the day of the week this will include one of several conditioning series
which may include (Thai Pads, Ground Drills, Calisthenics, or Plyometrics)  Then sparing once again
depending on the day of the week that my be stand up/ Striking or Take downs and submissions.
If i did not get to run in the morning I will run after practice if my body allows.

What do you do on Fight day?
Rest. I will often have to travel - Depending on the venue.  I try really hard to sleep in. However, it dose
not always work.  I really just try to kill time until it is time to report.  I have gone to the movies:  I can’t
see any thing that will pump me up however. I try to stay calm.  One year I did Christmas shopping as
there was a mall across the street from my hotel. I get to eat.  I will usually have something like a
chicken omelet with some potatoes.  Lots of water.  I will do some light jogging or jump rope to break a

What would you like to say to all of your fans around the world?
Thanks for supporting this fun and exciting sport of MMA.  Please Patron my Sponsors:  
Warriorwearclothing.com and Assualtfighgear.com and Ushgear.com.

Check out my web page @ www.jamestheeducator.com

Thank you for your time James and Good luck with your fight. Please send me the result. We are all
behind you here @ newmexicomma.com.