Biohazard Fight Gear Sponsored Fighter Ray Vaiza

Ray is fighting this Saturday in Las Lunas, NM. We went five rounds with him to see what makes
this young fighter love MMA.

Question #1
How long have you been Training? How old are You?

Well i started when i was about 13. I trained with all the big guys. I really had no one my weight to roll
around with me so i would always have to roll around with guys heavier than me. I am now 16 years

Question #2
Where do you Train and who trains you?

I train in Socorro, NM I train with my dad. He's my head trainer, and Juan Reyes also helps train me.
But when i roll around usually my friends come in and roll around with me. I'm suppose to go train
with WEC fighter Leonard Garcia. Donald Sanchez said i can come in and train with him at Fit NHB.
Freddy Sandoval said I could also go train with him. You also said I am welcome to come to BioDog
MMA and train with your guys.

Question #3
Some people say that Young people shouldn't be allowed to train in fighting. What do you think of
that? How has fighting and training helped you be who you are today.

What i think about that is i really don't care. We wanna fight too, we young teens our the future of
MMA when i would tell people i have a grappling match they would just laugh at me and call me a
liar. Well look at me now i'm doing good. Its help me by staying in good shape, and it keeps me out
of trouble.

Question #4
Who are you fighting and what do u know about him?

I am fighting Fernando Palacios from Alamogordo. I really don't know that much about him. He's
grappled the same kid i've beat twice. I found the video of his first grappling match. He has a decent
triangle choke. So thats pretty much all that i know about him.

Question #5
What is your goal in this sport?

Actually I have two sports I like to play and thats football and cage fighting. My goal for cage fighting
is to be the best, and to be a champion for any organization. I've been watching MMA since I was a
little kid. I would tell my dad,  I wanna be a fighter. He said he would train me. I would watch Diego
Sanchez and all them stars when I was little.

Cool, Thanks Ray. Is there anybody out there that you would like to Thank

Yes. First i would like to thank God. He is always there for me. I wanna thank my Dad. He's the man
that got me into MMA and he's always been there for me i love you Dad. I also wanna thank my other
trainer Juan Reyes.  I wanna thank my girlfriend she's very supportive i love you babe. I wanna
thank my friends and family they are also very supportive i love them all. I wanna thank you George
for sponsoring me. You've always been there for me your a good friend to me. Thanks man. I wanna
thank promoter Freddy Sandoval for giving me the opportunity to fight in his organization.  I wanna
thank Donald Sanchez, Freddy Sandoval JR, Abel Cullum, Leonard Garcia and Gerald Lovato those
guys have always been there for me. Also I want to thank Orion @ Death Dealer Studios for my Kick
Ass entrance music.

Ok,  Ray Thanks for your time. It has been great working with you. You are a good Friend and you
represent Biohazard Fight Gear to the fullest. Thank you again and Good luck in your match. Kick
Some Ass.