Hello Fight Fans were here with a special Interview with Rebecca Ryan Long AKA
"TROUBLE". Rebecca is fighting in the King of the Cage Booya Event being held In Soboba California on
Friday October 13, 2006 at The Soboba Casino. Rebecca is fighting Deborah Tillbury. Hello Rebecca, how are you today?

Trouble-  I’m awesome.. you? Great thanks for asking. So first off how did you first become interested in cage
fighting and is this going to be your first taste of being in the cage?

Trouble- Technically no…it’s just my first pro fight. I have always been interested in MMA but years ago
it was a sport that I knew I wouldn’t get much action in. So I trained and waited for my time. So why do they call you "TROUBLE"?

Trouble- Because I am lol What is your background in fighting and who do you train with?

Trouble- My background is in Vale Tudo. I train with a few gyms. One is Nor Cal Fight Factory. Take us through a normal day of training for you Rebecca what’s it like to be you
on a normal training day?

Trouble- Well… I wake up eat then go running and lift weights, then eat take a nap, get online, eat and
take care of shit then train at night (MMA) then eat. Now we all seen the pictures of your opponent(Tillbury) she towers over you I
believe by 10 inches. What are your thoughts on that and have you ever given up that much height to an
opponent in a fight?

Trouble- I’m used to about a 6-8 inch difference. I tend to only fight taller females because of the fact
that I am so short but keep extra weight on me in order to fight. If I stayed at my natural weight of 115-
120 I probably wouldn’t get many fights. I love the height difference. So how do you see this fight ending?

Trouble- TKO/KO that’s all I gotta say but of course I have some secrets I’m gonna pull out. Do you have any superstitious beliefs about Friday the 13th?

Trouble- Nope I love it! I couldn’t be fighting my first pro fight on a better night except if it was
Halloween! So after this fight whats next for you? Anyone out there you want to fight?

Trouble- I’ll fight anyone in my weight class. Do you ever think the UFC will allow woman to fight in the Octagon?

Trouble- Yup I have a feeling it will happen soon.. within the next year. The King of the Cage is always coming to New Mexico, Are you willing to fight on
one of those cards?

Trouble- Hell ya.. Tell them to set that shit up.. I’m there! So to finish up this interview Rebecca, Is there anything you want to say to your

Trouble-  Ya you guys rock.. I love how supportive the fans and other fighters have been. I have never
ever had a negative thing said to me yet. I love this sport and the people who fight in it and are fans of
it. Thanks so much! Thanks Rebecca for taking time out of training to do an interview with us here at and good luck with your fight on October 13, 2006. We look forward to seeing you
in future events and hopefully see you one day on the UFC.

Trouble- Thanks for doing the interview. I hope to make it to the UFC.. Make sure to promote that! I hope
to be fighting in your state soon!

Thanks Again Rebecca Ryan Long aka Trouble;0).  Everyone make sure you watch Trouble on Friday the
13th in her K.O.T.C. fight with Debbie Tillary. Goodluck Trouble bring home the win.